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The Good The Bad The Funky

Groove Merchants Featuring Jimmy Smith

Johnny N Fillet O'Soul

The Soulmates

Inside Straight

Mojo Rooster

The Authorities

Dark Horse Blues Band

Dark Horse Variety Band

Three Chord Monte

Pete Kavanaugh Group

No Limits The B-Side Band


Pat McLaughlin Band

Helium for Liftoff

Johnny and Mick

Dragonfly Band

The Persuaderz

Wilbur and Tom

Bambi Alexandra and Friends


Crossfire Band

Big Toe & The Jam

Short On Cash Band

The Good, The Bad, The Funky

Johnny N Fillet O'Soul

Bambi Alexandra -
Dark Horse Band

The Authorities

Pat McLaughlin Band

No Limits The B Side Band

Inside Straight

Crossfire Band

Wenger Entertainment


Big Toe & The Jam

Short On Cash Band