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The Good The Bad The Funky

Groove Merchants Featuring Jimmy Smith

Johnny N Fillet O'Soul

The Soulmates

Inside Straight

Mojo Rooster

The Authorities

Dark Horse Blues Band

Dark Horse Variety Band

Three Chord Monte

Pete Kavanaugh Group

No Limits The B-Side Band


Pat McLaughlin Band

Helium for Liftoff

Johnny and Mick

Dragonfly Band

The Persuaderz

Wilbur and Tom

Bambi Alexandra and Friends


Crossfire Band

Short On Cash Band

The Good, The Bad, The Funky

Johnny N Fillet O'Soul

Bambi Alexandra -
Dark Horse Band

The Authorities

Pat McLaughlin Band

No Limits The B Side Band

Inside Straight

Crossfire Band

Wenger Entertainment


Short On Cash Band